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  • Type Examination Contacts check-up
  • Goal Contact lens prescription check, eye health assessment, contact lens advice
  • Eye Tests Eye measurement, eye microscopy, contact lens evaluation
  • Eye dilatation drops? No, but we use contrastcolor eye drops, please bring your contacts case and eye-glasses
  • Time 30 minutes
  • Fee €65

Have you been wearing contact lenses for a long time? Then it is essential to have your eyes and lenses regularly checked by an optometrist. At Zeker Zicht Optometry Practice in Amsterdam, we offer a comprehensive contact lens check-up to optimize your eye health and ensure long-term comfort.

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Why a Contact Lens Check-Up is Important:

  • Accurate Lens Prescription: Your eyes and lens prescription can change over time. Regular check-ups ensure that you are always wearing the correct lens strength, which improves sharp vision and eye comfort.

  • Monitoring Eye Health: Wearing contact lenses can pose risks such as eye infections or irritation. During the check-up, we assess your cornea and tear film to detect and treat any issues early.

  • Optimizing Lens Fit: Properly fitting lenses are essential for comfort and healthy eyes. We check the fit of your lenses and provide advice on the right lens materials and types for your eyes.

  • Personalized Lens Advice: We discuss your lens usage and lifestyle to offer personalized advice on the maintenance, wearing, and replacement of your contact lenses.

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Check-Up:

Our experienced optometrists perform a comprehensive contact lens check-up, including:

  • Visual Screening: We test your vision at a distance and close-up, with and without lenses.
  • Refraction Measurement: We measure your eyes with lenses to determine or adjust your lens prescription.
  • Eye Examination: We closely examine your eyes using a microscope to check for abnormalities, irritation, or inflammation.
  • Tear Film Analysis: We assess the quality of your tear film to ensure it provides adequate moisture for your lenses.
  • Lens Assessment: We check your lenses for wear, dirt, and damage.

After the contact lens check-up, we discuss the findings with you and answer all your questions. We provide personalized advice on your eye health, lens maintenance, lens choice, and wearing contact lenses.

Schedule a Contact Lens Check-Up Today:

Invest in your eye health and schedule a contact lens check-up at Zeker Zicht Optometry Practice in Amsterdam today. We offer flexible appointment times and competitive rates to provide you with the best care.