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FIRST TIME AT THE OPTOMETRIST? Below you will find frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, call us or send us a message with your question.

If your child is 8 years old, they can visit the optometrist for a complete eye exam within 1 to 2 weeks. If they need to see an eye doctor, they will be referred immediately.

This depends on the type of appointment and the eye complaints. For a contact lens check or a dry eye examination, it takes approximately 15-20 minutes. If you have other eye complaints that need further investigation with an eye scan or an eye microscope, your eyes will be dilated, and the total duration will be 1 hour: 15 minutes for the examination, 30 minutes waiting for the drops to take effect, plus another 15 minutes for additional tests.

This depends on the type of appointment. If you don’t have a referral letter, you can read more about the costs per appointment type via this link.

If you have a digital referral (ZorgDomein), you pay nothing.

With a paper referral (not via ZorgDomein), you pay approximately €70 from your insurance deductible and €30 out of pocket.

If you have a digital referral letter, you will soon receive a call from the appointment scheduler at Huisarts+Punt to schedule your appointment.

If you have a paper referral letter (not via ZorgDomein), you can directly schedule an appointment.

Sure! Without a referral letter, you can make an appointment directly. Based on your symptoms, you can choose the type of appointment you need.

Your pupil or iris will be strongly dilated, which may cause sensitivity to bright light. Additionally, your near vision will typically become blurry, depending on your refractive error (minus, plus, cylinder). Some individuals may also experience blurry distance vision. Adults wearing multifocal glasses do not experience blurry vision but may still be sensitive to bright light.

This depends on the amount of pigment cells in your iris. For light-colored eyes, the effect typically fades after 3-6 hours. With darker eyes, it can range from 6 hours to a week. The darker the eyes, the longer the eye symptoms persist.

Due to dilated pupils after the appointment, your vision is usually blurry and more sensitive to light. Therefore, driving is not recommended. Cycling at a normal speed is permitted.

No, eye drops or dyes are used that can change the color or composition of the lenses. Additionally, sometimes it’s necessary to assess the surface of the cornea without lenses. Please bring a lens case and, if possible, your glasses.

Then you will be referred directly to the ophthalmologist, or your general practitioner will be advised to refer you to another medical specialist. This will be discussed with you.

Unfortunately not! Can’t find a place where you can be helped? Call us! We can advise you to a CBR examination center in your neighborhood.

Only with a referral from your GP, we conduct a comprehensive eye examination including a diabetes eye check. For fundus photos, your GP refers you to an ophthalmology assistant who takes and evaluates these photos. Please consult your GP.