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GP Referral letters

Do you have a referral letter from your general practitioner?

You can access Zeker Zicht in several ways:

1. With a digital referral via ZorgDomein from your general practitioner.
2. With a paper referral letter (not via ZorgDomein).
3. Without a referral letter.

Below, you can see the cost differences between the different methods.

Digital referral via ZorgDomein

Do you have a digital referral via ZorgDomein from your general practitioner?

We will schedule your appointment soon. You will be contacted by the appointment scheduler from Huisarts Plus Punt.

An eye examination requested by your general practitioner via ZorgDomein is fully covered by the basic package of every health insurer.

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Paper referral letter (not via ZorgDomein)

Do you have a paper referral letter from your general practitioner, but not a digital referral via ZorgDomein?

Then you can make an appointment in two ways: through our website or by phone.

Note: Eye examinations with a paper referral letter are not fully covered.

  • ‘Eigen risico’: Approximately 70% of the costs are covered by your deductible(eigen risico).
  • Co-payment: You pay the remaining 30% yourself.

The total cost of an eye examination is €97.33. You will receive an invoice from Stichting Optonet, which you can submit to your health insurer for reimbursement. You pay this invoice directly to Stichting Optonet.

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Without a referral letter

If you do not have a referral letter, you can schedule an appointment immediately.

The cost of your eye examination depends on the type of appointment. For more information about costs, please refer to our rates page.