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Zorplein Optometrie praktijk
Zorplein Optometrie praktijk
Zorplein Optometrie praktijk

Eye care and optometry at Zeker Zicht (Sure Sight)

We are an independent practice for ophthalmology in Amsterdam Nieuw-West and you are welcome to visit us with all of your eye care health issues. With our modern equipment, we can detect eye disorders at an early stage, so that you can treat them or have them treated on time. After the eye examination, you will discuss the results with one of our experienced optometrists. At Zeker Zicht our clients always receive extensive and completely independent advice about treatment options.

The advantages of Zeker Zicht:
• Always appointment availability within a maximum of 2 weeks
• Complete eye examination and extensive advice
• For all eye complaints thanks to our modern equipment
• No unnecessary hospital visits
• No problems with long waiting lists

You can contact us for the following eye complications

Zeker Zicht is medically situated between the general practitioner (huisarts) and an ophthalmologist in the hospital. You can be referred to us if your eye issues are too specialized for a general practitioner, but it is not medically necessary for hospital care by an opthalmologist. You can contact us for these following eye complaints, for example:
• Pink eye or eye inflammation
• Watery, itchy or burning eyes
• Dry eyes
• A bump on the eyelid
• Blurred vision
• Seeing spots/flecks and flashes
• Headaches
• Retinal examination for diabetes mellitus/vascular risk
• Research on glaucoma/ macular degeneration due to family eye disease

This is what we do during our eye exams

Which eye exams we perform depends on your symptoms. Some examples are an OCT scan, fundus X-rays, eye pressure measurement, slit lamp examination and eye measurement to determine your eyesight strength. With our specialist equipment, we map your entire eye, so that we can detect any eye disorders you might have at an early stage.

If you have small pupils, we will administer dilation eye drops before the examination. As a result, your vision is less sharp for 3 to 5 hours and you cannot drive during this time. Because your eyes are temporarily light sensitive after the drops, we recommend bringing a pair of sunglasses for after your exam.

Read more about our eye exams

This is why you should come and visit us at Zeker Zicht

No long waiting lists

You usually can schedule an appointment with us within a week and a maximum 2 weeks. If we think, you need an ophthalmologist after or exam. We will then make an urgent referral for an ophthalmologist. This way you will never have to wait too long.

Complete extensive eye examination and advice

We will examine every inch of your eye in detail. After the eye examination, we take our time to discuss the results with you and answer any questions you might have. You will also receive extensive advice about any treatment options.

For all eye complaints

From contact lens checks to eye measurements and from dry eye examinations to screening for glaucoma: you can contact us with any issue. With our modern equipment, we can map all eye problems.

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