Children's eye examination with eye drops by an experienced optometrist in Amsterdam.

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Does your child squint while watching TV or experience headaches, tired eyes, or burning sensations after school or screen time? Then it's time for an eye examination.

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What does Zeker Zicht offer?

  • Eye examination for children aged 8 and older
  • Conducted by an experienced optometrist
  • If necessary, you will receive a prescription for glasses
  • Your appointment within one week
  • Not affiliated with optical stores

At our Optometry Practice, your child's eyes will be measured by an optometrist using eye drops, similar to the process in the hospital but without long waiting list. Additionally, we assess the overall eye health of your child. If it's deemed necessary for your child to be seen by an ophthalmologist, they will be referred immediately.

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What does a Children's Eye Examination involve?

During a Children's Eye Examination:

  • The eyes are initially measured without drops.
  • The coordination of both eyes is assessed.
  • Subsequently, the eyes are dilated to examine eye health and to obtain a more precise eye measurement.

After a Children's Eye Examination:

  • Vision is typically blurry for 6-12 hours after dilation.
  • The eyes may be somewhat light-sensitive due to the eye drops.
  • Results from the eye examination are discussed. If glasses are needed, you will receive a prescription. You will also receive an eye examination report via email.
  • If the optometrist determines that your child needs to be seen by an ophthalmologist (or another specialist, such as an orthoptist), they will be referred immediately.
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For which (eye) complaints can your child turn to Zeker Zicht?

  • Blurred vision in the distance: difficulty reading small letters on a board, squinting behind a screen.
  • Headaches (front, sides, behind, or around the eyes) after school or screen time.
  • Fatigued or burning eyes after close-up activities/reading.

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