The Optometry Practice

In 2022, Zeker Zicht was founded by Silvia del Rio, a highly experienced optometrist with a passion for eye care. Our practice, an autonomous healthcare center, specializes in primary and secondary eye care. At Zeker Zicht, we are committed to providing high-quality optometric care with a quick turnaround time, without commercial interests playing a role. This led us to find our place within the Osdorplein Healthcare Center.

In close collaboration with Amsterdam general practitioners, Zeker Zicht has dedicated itself to the examination of non-acute eye problems. Within one week, patients with mild eye complaints, who would otherwise experience a significant waiting time for a consultation with an ophthalmologist, can go to Zeker Zicht. If the optometrist is able to solve the problem, a visit to the ophthalmologist may be avoided. If the optometrist cannot provide a suitable solution and deems an assessment by the ophthalmologist necessary, the patient will be referred with the appropriate urgency.

For a diverse age group, from 8 years to adults of 99 years, Zeker Zicht offers customized eye examinations, accompanied by extensive education on any conceivable eye problem. Whether it is a precise eye measurement, a contact lens check, or a personal eye examination, the patient is always at the center of attention at Zeker Zicht.

What does an optometrist do at Zeker Zicht?

The optometrist acts as a kind of general practitioner for the eyes. He or she can investigate and solve simple eye problems, but for specialized eye treatments, eye surgery, or extensive eye examinations, the patient is referred to the ophthalmologist. This means that the optometrist can answer and resolve more than 70% of questions related to eye care.

Our commitment to quality eye care goes hand in hand with a customer-oriented approach. At Zeker Zicht, we strive to offer each patient a personal experience, taking the time to understand their individual needs and concerns. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are there to answer questions, provide reassurance, and create a supportive environment.

In a rapidly evolving field such as optometry, we at Zeker Zicht keep our knowledge and skills up to date. Our optometrists regularly participate in continuing education programs and training to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and treatment methods. Through this ongoing education, we can provide our patients with care of the highest quality and apply the latest approaches to eye care.

When should you consult an optometrist?

  • For complaints with vision, where the optometrist can assess whether a (new) glasses or contact lens prescription is needed, or if there is an eye problem.
  • If certain conditions occur in your family or if you have a condition that puts you at risk for eye problems. The optometrist can examine your eyes medically and identify problems early.
  • For complaints such as blurred or double vision, tired, itchy or irritated eyes, eye discomfort when reading or using a computer screen, headaches, difficulty focusing, pain in or around the eyes, flashes of light (contact the optometrist or general practitioner immediately), spots or threads floating through the image, sensitivity to light, poor vision in the dark, or straight lines that appear crooked or distorted.


  • If you see worse acutely, please contact us immediately (with your general practitioner or emergency room).
  • If there are eye complaints in a child under 8 years of age, consult an orthoptist.


U kunt contact opnemen met ons:

  • Per mail naar
  • Telefonisch naar 020-2101228 van Ma t/m Vr. Indien géén gehoor laat u een bericht achter met uw naam en telefoonnummer. 


De optometriepraktijk van Zeker Zicht bevindt zich in Osdorpplein 582, Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Dit is géén bezoekadres, maar de optometrie praktijk van Zeker Zicht binnen het Gezondheidscentrum Zorgplein. U dient eerst een afpsraak in te plannen.

 Kijk hier naar de Routebeschrijving.

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